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Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

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Spiritual guidance can also come internally in the form of a thought, idea, intuition or dream. We may suddenly have an insight that helps us in our life. We may find ourselves in the right situation or saying just the right thing at the right time to help another, augmenting our own sense of usefulness. We may have a dream that shows us a positive side of ourselves we have long forgotten. We may experience a reconciliation with someone in a dream and hence see that such is possible for the same in real life. We may feel drawn to go somewhere at a certain time, not fully understanding why, only later to see the purpose. This type of internal guidance tends to pop up when our mind is free. If we are absorbed in ourselves and our problems, there is no space for such spiritual guidance. To predispose ourselves to this, we need to learn to create space for it. We create space internally, through practices which train us to focus our attention inwardly. We create space externally, by setting aside time and energy solely for spiritual purposes.

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