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Spiritual Guidance from Guru

on December 18, 2015

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A few months ago, I received clear spiritual guidance from my guru.  He still sends me important messages, even though he no longer has a physical body.  In this case, it was in a vivid dream just before awakening.

In this dream a scene unfolded.  I was communicating with a woman, when my cell phone rang.  I answered and it was Hans calling.  I have learned in the past that his spontaneous phone calls are highly valuable, and would always stop whatever I was doing and give him all of my attention.  In the dream I saw that my attention was torn between the woman next to me, and my guru on the phone.  Then I woke up.

My first reaction upon awakening was happiness to have enjoyed a visit with Hans.  My second reaction was to ask myself “what was the essence of this message”?  The answer was clear.  In life I was allowing the attraction to woman to distract me from my goal of God union.  Those who have studied the “Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition” know that a true God seeker anchors their attention on God in all aspects of life.  I have had a taste of how this is possible, such as during my Christmas Eve spiritual experience.

These days, depending on my responsibilities for the day, my connection with God can be so strong that it melts away any distractions, even the attraction to women.  This allows me to fully focus my attention on the task at hand, while also being aware of what is happening inside me.  However at the time I received this dream, I had a mandatory job responsibility that was so demanding that it disrupted my spiritual connection.  At those times, my attention could be distracted by women and other things, to varying degrees.  I was already aware of this, saw how it reduced the quality of my work and had made efforts to refocus my attention inwards when it was happening.  But this dream helped me understand just how important it was.  I understood that this was a critical life lesson for me to pass and hence gave it even more attention.

Likely as a result of successfully passing this lesson and many others, a new job opportunity has recently opened up.  One that allows for a more natural integration of kriya yoga meditative practices with my work day to ensure that I stay spiritually connected and in balance.  I am thankful for this clear spiritual guidance from my guru.

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