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A Spiritual Approach to Work Related Conflict

Hibiscus at Healthy Mind Body

Hibiscus at Healthy Mind Body

In life it is normal to encounter conflict, especially on the job.  In the grand scheme things, it is not about being right, or being the one in control, that determines one’s happiness levels.  What matters is how well you follow your heart.  In my personal experience, it became clear that what was most important for me was maintaining my spiritual integrity, being strong and forgiving.  I had to let other people go on making mistakes, and realize I am not responsible for their actions.  The best I could do was state what I felt was the correct action to them once, and then let them have freedom to choose.

Over the period of a couple years my strategy worked.  All I had to do was continue being an example of what I felt was right, and let others do as they pleased.  Having just one person using an approach that conflicted with the rest, was enough to raise awareness of what was wrong.  I just did what I knew was right, and did not have to attack that which was wrong.  Instead of trying to control others, I was more interested in noticing my inner reactions, and grew stronger at controlling my own thoughts and behaviors so they were not polluted with anger.  Meditation and other inner practices where key in my success.  This low profile, non-aggressive approach had an effect.  By the time I had finished the job, the “wrong approach” had lost popularity and I know in my heart I left the job environment better than the way I found it.

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