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“I Love You” Exercises 2011

on March 8, 2014


The Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition inspired me to be creative and come up with a variety of random acts of kindness.  Specifically the posts labeled: “I love you exercises” and ” Annual blessing ceremony” provided me with some of these ideas, and here are some examples of how I put them into action back in 2011:
1.  Fed the hungry. I took 6 bags each with fresh food, treats and $40 to inner city Detroit and found 6 needy people who were fully open to receive the gifts. One guy was so happy when he found the money, he jumped up and was like a kid on Christmas morning:).
2.  I planted a pear tree a beautiful park like spot at the end of a hiking trail, over looking a small lake. I pushed the tree using my kids’ stroller and then also planed lily bulbs all around the base. Finishing touches included fresh compost from my back yard. My kids and a good friend joined for the adventure.
3.  My kids and I passed out about 20 beautiful flowers (roses, star gazer lilies and gerber daisies) to strangers in a nearby neighborhood and nature trail. We had a lot of fun and virtually everyone was happy to take them. Later my daughter asked if I would teacher more about “kindness”.
4.  Multiple garden sites have been prepared in my yard and a friend’s yard. I turned over a lot of earth, and added egg shells, leaves, coffee grounds and the sod. I’m going to let the compost “cook” for a month, then turn it again and add seedlings.
5.  Regular treats have been provided to the wild animals in my yard. Apples, carrots and pears for the deer, rabbits, skunk and hedge hog. And lots of bird seed for the birds and squirrels.
6.  I’ve cleaned up many bags of trash from another favorite park that I like to walk in. Each day I took a plastic shopping bag or two filling them up as I went and after a couple weeks the difference was noticeable.
7.  I’m slowing down to identify the needs of my patients and family members more. Some times this has meant more one on one time and listening. Other times it has meant: feel their frustration with them, but don’t always do everything for them (like teaching my daughter to read or my son to use the toilet on his own).
8.  Started over a hundred flower and veggies seedlings for my organic garden this year.
9.  Finished all preparations to start working a couple days/month for a local free clinic. I start in a couple weeks. The staff is super excited about my natural/holistic medicine angle. They want me to lecture all their patients (not just neurology ones). And they are “hand picking” a bunch of patients that are “hard workers” and want to make efforts to get healthier, but just need direction.
10.  March 1st, I increased kriya from 3 ½ hours per day to 4 hrs about 50% of the time and 6 hrs about the other 50% of the time.
These exercises in conjunction with a shift in attitude that occurred about the same time have accelerated my spiritual progress this year more than the two previous years combined!

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