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God Sent Experiences

on March 8, 2014

Full Text Here:  God Sent Experiences

This article was originally written in Sept. 2011.  It had been posted in a blog about my spiritual path, Kriya Yoga, but that website dropped its blog services.  I repost it here to bring it back to life:

I have had many God sent experiences and would like to share some here. My mind was initially boggled with the thought of writing this note. There has been so much serendipity in my life, especially in the last 3 years when I started to consciously develop my spirituality. I couldn’t possibly share all the meaningful coincidences that have deepened my trust in an unseen Facilitator. And some of the most powerful ones, were small but perfectly timed interactions that uplifted me at the exact moment I needed it. But I will share what comes to mind now:

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