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on November 24, 2012

The spiritual teachings previously published online at the Cyberspace Ashram / have helped me totally rearrange my life in the most loving way.  I feel more strong and free.  I am more confident that my life choices help to ease the suffering of others.  In an effort to support the teachings and help other people to easily find them, I will be using this blog and my older myspace blog ( to repost articles written by Hans Neukomm, the author of the Cyberspace Ashram.  The links in these articles help to increase visibility and ranking of the grave site of these teachings.  The grave site contains directions to obtain the offline teachings the Spiritual Treasures and the Spiritual Treasure Bonus files.  This SEO work will improve the chances that people searching for the spiritual teachings, will find them.

If anyone wishes to help with this work, it is very simple.  First go to the following websites:

Then find an article you like, highlight the text and copy it.  Simply paste it into a new post on your own blog.  If you wish to include some photos, right click over the photo and choose “save image as”, select a location on your computer and download it.  Then upload the photo from your computer into your blog post.  Most importantly, make sure all the hyperlinks are correct and properly functioning in your new post.  It is these links which help improve the ranking of the Cyberspace Ashram and hence the visibility of the Spiritual Treasures.
To see a live example, view my previous post here on this blog titled “Love – either feel love or there is no love” and compare it to the original article published here:
God Bless
Old Woman Bay Lake Superior

Old Woman Bay Lake Superior

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