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Spiritual Guidance in a Dream

on February 28, 2012

As described in my last blog posts, I have been more sensitive to my surroundings recently. With this new increase flow of “energy”, I also need to be more careful. If I let myself think about the day to day events that impact me, then I can become overwhelmed very quickly. For example, if I’m still having thoughts and emotions cycle through my mind about a problematic patient, then I cannot absorb the stress my kids create as well. I’m more likely to be reactive and non loving towards them. My remedy for this has been to stay present with my surroundings with a loving attitude and open for God. Other very important practices for helping me “let go”, include my daily kriya yoga and spending some meditative time in nature.

I received some spiritual guidance to aid me with this increased sensitivity and energy. It came in the form of a vivid dream. It was located at my childhood house. The surroundings were very open and natural, with rolling hills and tall mature trees. I could see for miles. There was a very intense longing for freedom in this dream and I remember weeping as I confessed to a friend about how much I wished to be free.

Shortly after this, I was sitting alone in a chair in my childhood bedroom. The room was clean and empty. I was talking to my Guru, Hans. I don’t recall the details of the conversation, but I did notice that it was occurring even though there was no phone or skype or person around. I realized the exchange was occurring on a spiritual level and at that moment, I decided to turn my “love light” on. When I refer to my “love light”, I mean the ability to show appreciation without using words or body language. Its something that can be felt and speaks for itself. Its a capability that has been missing for a couple years since my Christmas eve 2008 experience “wore off”. But fortunately I’ve been regaining control of it lately.

In this dream, immediately after showing appreciation spiritually, my body was struck by lightening. I felt the impact like a shock wave throughout my body. Because this occurred while communicating with my Guru in a loving way, I knew that it was a good thing. Next, I learned if I fully relaxed my body, the shock was pleasurable. The way I relaxed my body, is difficult to describe in words, but I “got it” immediately through this dream state. The best way I can describe it is to say that by focusing on the top of my head, my thoughts went quiet and my whole body surrendered, starting from the top down. It almost felt like I was shedding a layer, or splitting open. In this state, I could feel that the shock of the lightening impact got absorbed and flowed right through me. It felt so good. The dream was so vivid, that I’ve been able to recall how to “relax” like that during my wakeful hours. It helps me let go of things better and connect with my surroundings.

About a week after this dream, I was talking to Hans on skype. He started the conversation by asking if I knew how a lightening rod worked on a building. I said yes. He then said, with your increasing sensitivities, you need to learn to be like a lightening rod and let energy pass through you. I said, boy that’s funny you mention that… I just had a dream that showed me exactly what you mean. Hans reminded me that what I do in my dreams, is just as important as what I learn during the day. After that experience, I can see how learning in the dream state is much more clear, then trying to learn the same thing with words.

2 responses to “Spiritual Guidance in a Dream

  1. hans says:

    The above shows that for spiritual advanced, there are no “dreams” but conscious lessons in attending spiritual teaching sessions (satsang) as needed, when needed,. IF SO DESIRED and welcome by a REALLY spiritual God loving disciple. Spiritual communication always takes place in a far more efficient way on spiritual levels = without technical communication!
    Spiritual teachings given by a God sent one always includes many more dimensions and practical aspects and thus is far more efficient than any 2D or 3D teaching in our technical/physical world EVER could be.
    The only criteria to benefit from spiritual guidance and teachings is to prove beyond doubt that you mean and live what you say or pretend.
    Being willing to learn and progress and accept in a loving mind and heart all challenges offered by God allows you to progress individually at your own pace or SPEED. God and a TRUE guru can be any time, anywhere when ever called upon by a truly loving soul.
    Participating in spiritual sessions makes any physical travel obsolete. If this very moment you have a question, the very same moment you can have the answer. All you need is to prepare your mind by true spiritual efforts and a full life style dedicated to God and Love. 5-8 hrs or more of intense kriya yoga practice over an extended period of time and a truly loving work and life will open doors to all instant spiritual help as needed when needed.

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