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Sensing the Presence of Others

on February 19, 2012

Almost everyday after work I walk through a large park to dissolve the stress of the day. Lately it has been dark and cold while I walk, and I am usually the only person in the entire park. I just had a new experience during this routine. I was about half way through my stroll. My mind had started to still, and I was becoming more aware of my felt state. I had stopped near a stream and was enjoying the hypnotic sounds of the babbling brook. All was still and quiet. Suddenly I had the strong sensation that someone was behind me. I felt a small wave of fear. I decided to just surrender to the feeling of the fear and let go of the urge to turn and look. After several minutes I was able to fully relax into the fear and it dissolved.

At this point I decided to finally turn and look behind me. Sure enough, I had an observer. A beautiful black and white cat was sitting and quietly starring right at me! We exchanged a moment and then went our separate ways.

2 responses to “Sensing the Presence of Others

  1. Georg says:

    F>E>A>R – False Expectations Appearing Real…Sage can be a cat and was in the Laws of Spirit written by Dan Millman. Thanks for sharing Roger…Spent 4 hours skijoring today yet fear came and went within the ego centric mind. It is my connection to Nature that helps me surrender to the fear and let it go too…

    Be well, G

    • rgietzen says:

      Good to hear from you Georg. Nature has been a life saver for me during this phase of city living that I’m in. I always recall that connected, stillness that I develop in nature, during my interactions with other people and it really helps me.
      Take care,

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