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Spiritual Guidance in a Dream

As described in my last blog posts, I have been more sensitive to my surroundings recently. With this new increase flow of “energy”, I also need to be more careful. If I let myself think about the day to day events that impact me, then I can become overwhelmed very quickly. For example, if I’m still having thoughts and emotions cycle through my mind about a problematic patient, then I cannot absorb the stress my kids create as well. I’m more likely to be reactive and non loving towards them. My remedy for this has been to stay present with my surroundings with a loving attitude and open for God. Other very important practices for helping me “let go”, include my daily kriya yoga and spending some meditative time in nature.

I received some spiritual guidance to aid me with this increased sensitivity and energy. It came in the form of a vivid dream. It was located at my childhood house. The surroundings were very open and natural, with rolling hills and tall mature trees. I could see for miles. There was a very intense longing for freedom in this dream and I remember weeping as I confessed to a friend about how much I wished to be free.

Shortly after this, I was sitting alone in a chair in my childhood bedroom. The room was clean and empty. I was talking to my Guru, Hans. I don’t recall the details of the conversation, but I did notice that it was occurring even though there was no phone or skype or person around. I realized the exchange was occurring on a spiritual level and at that moment, I decided to turn my “love light” on. When I refer to my “love light”, I mean the ability to show appreciation without using words or body language. Its something that can be felt and speaks for itself. Its a capability that has been missing for a couple years since my Christmas eve 2008 experience “wore off”. But fortunately I’ve been regaining control of it lately.

In this dream, immediately after showing appreciation spiritually, my body was struck by lightening. I felt the impact like a shock wave throughout my body. Because this occurred while communicating with my Guru in a loving way, I knew that it was a good thing. Next, I learned if I fully relaxed my body, the shock was pleasurable. The way I relaxed my body, is difficult to describe in words, but I “got it” immediately through this dream state. The best way I can describe it is to say that by focusing on the top of my head, my thoughts went quiet and my whole body surrendered, starting from the top down. It almost felt like I was shedding a layer, or splitting open. In this state, I could feel that the shock of the lightening impact got absorbed and flowed right through me. It felt so good. The dream was so vivid, that I’ve been able to recall how to “relax” like that during my wakeful hours. It helps me let go of things better and connect with my surroundings.

About a week after this dream, I was talking to Hans on skype. He started the conversation by asking if I knew how a lightening rod worked on a building. I said yes. He then said, with your increasing sensitivities, you need to learn to be like a lightening rod and let energy pass through you. I said, boy that’s funny you mention that… I just had a dream that showed me exactly what you mean. Hans reminded me that what I do in my dreams, is just as important as what I learn during the day. After that experience, I can see how learning in the dream state is much more clear, then trying to learn the same thing with words.


Sensing the Presence of Others

Almost everyday after work I walk through a large park to dissolve the stress of the day. Lately it has been dark and cold while I walk, and I am usually the only person in the entire park. I just had a new experience during this routine. I was about half way through my stroll. My mind had started to still, and I was becoming more aware of my felt state. I had stopped near a stream and was enjoying the hypnotic sounds of the babbling brook. All was still and quiet. Suddenly I had the strong sensation that someone was behind me. I felt a small wave of fear. I decided to just surrender to the feeling of the fear and let go of the urge to turn and look. After several minutes I was able to fully relax into the fear and it dissolved.

At this point I decided to finally turn and look behind me. Sure enough, I had an observer. A beautiful black and white cat was sitting and quietly starring right at me! We exchanged a moment and then went our separate ways.


Sensing Other’s Thoughts & Feelings

I recently had a new experience. I had a brief awareness of another person’s thoughts and feelings. Over the last several years, I have become more sensitive to my surroundings. Life has been more intense and my moods stronger. Certain people and situations tend to bring out specific attitudes and emotions within me. I have always wondered whether it was their vibe I was feeling or my own. Ultimately I decided it just didn’t matter. In either case I act the same. I choose to behave in the most loving way and I choose to be with whatever feelings arise in me. My best guess was that the vibe was shared. Those people and situations irritated me because deep down they reminded me of a part of myself which I have not yet reconciled.

A recent experience helped me to clarify this question. During this event, instead of wondering where the vibe was coming from, I instantly knew that it was another person’s. This instant knowing was not based on a process of deduction. But, when I did analyze the situation, it supported my instant intuition. For example, the situation occurred at a time in which my mind was very peaceful and quiet. I was very connected with my surroundings and open for God. I was sitting in a train, in this wakeful yet meditative state when a young woman walked by me. There was nothing about her behaviors that drew my attention. She looked like any other passenger. I did not find her appearance necessarily attractive nor did our eyes meet. Yet, the moment she walked by I was impacted by a strong sexual energy in my lower body. There was also a brief flurry of sexual imagery that filled my mind. I felt no sense of identification with those thoughts or feelings. In that open, relaxed state this energy just passed right through me. The thoughts and feelings were gone as quickly as they appeared. I immediately realized that she was full of suppressed sexual energy and fantasies. I had sensed it. I occasionally have my own sexual energy and thoughts, but it was very clear to me on later reflection that this was a totally different experience.

I am grateful for this experience. Even though this capability did not last, I know that the potential exists within me. I can also see how this capability will help me alleviate the suffering of others. The open and peaceful state that allowed this to happen was the result of 24/7 holistic efforts in my life to improve the quality of my love. I can see how what I do at work, at home, during travel and recreation all impacts my ability to help people when the opportunity arises. This experience has motivated me to be even more firm and gentle on my spiritual path of love. God bless.

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